Cased Hole Logging

Cased Hole Logging

RMWS offers an incredible assortment of downhole data acquisition services to help you gather the critical well input you need to make your next crucial decision. We boast some of the latest technology in MIT/MTT well integrity logging/analysis tools and RMWS engineers have the knowledge needed to not only acquire the data, but also perform the well integrity data analysis required before final log presentation.


  • Depth Determination
  • Gamma Ray
  • Noise Logging
  • Basket Flowmeter
  • Dual Receiver Cement Bond Logs
  • Radial Cement Bond Logs
  • Multifinger Imaging Logs
  • Magnetic Thickness Logs
  • Temperature Logs
  • Production/reservoir Logs
  • Capacitance, Spinner Array Logs & Resistance Array Logs

Unlike some of our larger competitors, we keep all of our tools on site and ready to go. No waiting for a tool to be shipped in from a distant location—we spare no expense because your time is valuable.

Leverage our arsenal of state-of-the-art logging tools and expertise to acquire the information you need to increase your bottom line.

For any questions or logging inquiries, please contact our logging manager Preston Edwards at or 970-270-8129.

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